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Privacy Policy

When it comes to your privacy, we keep it trill. Less is more, you dig?

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Only an email address is collected when you place an order, that's it! No KYC BS here. We use the email provided to a) provide order/payment confirmation, b) let you know in advance when your service is nearing expiration, and c) hook you up with sick promos during holiday events.

Order Processing

When you place an order, we hang onto some deets for 72 hours: order ID, email, payment status, order totals in BTC and USD, BTC/USD exchange rate, the BTC addy you were required to pay, and timestamp. If there's a problem with your payment, we can use this info to try to sort you out. After 72 hours, a database trigger runs to delete unpaid orders, scrub records of BTC addresses, and swap timestamps for midnight of the following day. The order ID, email, and generic timestamp are then stored for the remainder of 1 year so that we can issue the certs for your Doublehop service and reach out when it's time to renew.

Bitcoin Processing

Doublehop's only accepted payment method is Bitcoin. Since Doublehop does not require its clients to reveal their identity to use its services, paying with Bitcoin offers privacy when used properly.

A new Bitcoin address is generated for each order, and monitored for 72 hours before being scrubbed from our records.

Server Logging

Zero, zip, zilch, nada. For realsies, we only use dedicated servers and everything goes to /dev/null 2>&1. We have nothing to share with authorities, even if we felt compelled to.

No traffic logging
No DNS request logging
No timestamps logging
No bandwidth logging
No IP address logging

Third Party Services

We do not use any external visitor tracking services such as Google AdSense. We do use SparkPost to deliver email automatically when orders are placed. In the interest of full disclosure, please be advised that SparkPost provides analytical statistics relating to email (e.g., open rates and clicks). We disable these features unless we are doing web development and need to confirm that changes do not impact email delivery.

Transparency Reporting

Our Warrant Canary can be found here.

In addition, to quell overofficious legal demands, all legal complaints and requests (DMCA, Trademark, Defamation, Court Order, Law Enforcement, Private Information, Data Protection, Government, etc) are forwarded to Chilling Effects.

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