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About us

Doublehop is a fresh VPN startup aiming to rock the boat with double VPN hops and encrypted multi-datacenter interconnects. We're incorporated in the Seychelles, where drinks are served with tiny umbrellas. We set our own hours, avoid meetings, and remote from sbux. We're expanding, and here for the ride since 2014!

^ Mamiko is our semi-cute bucket list passable asian persuasion. When she's not rollin' deep with her hands at 10&2, she's putting those acrylic hello kitty nails to work clickity-clacking away at web design. If you're reading this, she didn't bother translating to Wingdings before hitting publish.

^ Adam is our classic douchy hipster, slash social media and PR pushwad. We're convinced he thinks his beard gives him superpowers. When he's not advocating PBR tall cans and fixies, he's the first to get really butt-hurt when someone shows up 2 minutes late to a Hangouts meeting. He's probably the most organized, even though his apartment smells like truffle butter.

^ James is our dipped in butter visionary and closet geek. He claims he comes up with unconventional ideas in the shower, and develops them on napkins at the gentleman's club. We're pretty sure he's really spending most of his time ski poling Grindrellas and annoying others on public transit with tin can tech house.

^ Mahmoud doesn't have a beard, as his name would otherwise suggest, and we're just as shocked as you. He handles procurement and most of the keyboard cowboy magic to expand our Doublehop server supremacy. We micromanage him to ensure invoices for fertilizer and match heads don't make the cut.